Superannuation & Retirement Planning​

You need absolute confidence in your superannuation when planning retirement.

It’s difficult to imagine retirement. No longer working, no pesky co-workers or deadlines, no commuting and excuses for being late, lots of extra time on your hands. Now is the time to visualise your dream, to stop and take time to do all those things you never previously had time for, to cross items off the bucket list and add numerous more on.

Will you have enough funds to live the life you want? Will they allow you financial freedom? Confident they will last?

When you’re able to access your superannuation, you’ll find yourself in control of quite possibly one of the most substantial sums of money you have ever had. Granted the time and heartaches it took to accumulate. There is no need to worry as our team will guide you through the in’s and outs of this new responsibility to minimise the stress, and will ensure you’re getting the most from your super while being comfortable with its position.

Our superannuation, retirement planning and Centrelink services help you uncover the many options available to get the most from your circumstances. Planning and good management will ensure your superannuation funds will last throughout your retirement allowing you to be carefree and live the life you deserve.

Neilson & Co’s superannuation and retirement planning services include:

  • Self-managed superannuation funds
  • Complying pensions and annuities
  • Business/employee superannuation income streams
  • Centrelink pension entitlements and allowances
  • Superannuation consolidation and rollovers advice

Our clients expect and experience a happy, carefree retirement. That’s our job. We’ve been doing it for a while, and we do it well. We’re aware of the traps and pitfalls and do our best to coach you around them. We aim to minimise the effects and ensure clients are aware of the “behind the scene’s” running’s that allow us to manage their affairs efficiently.

The key to achieving your well-deserved dream retirement lifestyle is clear, effective financial planning.

That’s the secret. With simple retirement planning and our help, you have the power to make that, rather long, “time of your life” whatever and wherever you want.

If you’re about to retire, or retirement is looming not too far away, it’s never too late to start preparing. By listening, we get to know you, understanding your lifestyle choices, your health options, the best way to communicate with you and your overall financial position. We plan for you to reach your goals and enjoy retirement with calmness and peace of mind.

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