Investment Advice

We use uncomplicated investment strategies.

We use friendly language and explain strategies in detail to you because sound advice equals excellent financial health. Let’s keep it simple and uncomplicated.

We recognise that you don’t want to be flooded with financial jargon. Your investments should work for you. We understand that you have your own agenda, your own responsibilities and dreams, your own life to live. We need to make sure you’re comfortable with the investments we’re suggesting.

Neilson & Co explains your investment matters in a straightforward and undemanding way you, no matter how sophisticated or complicated they may be.

We provide strategic advice that suits only your interests. Because we know that by working together and holding each other accountable your dreams can actually come true.

You can have complete confidence that your financial needs will always come first.

Our Investment strategies and advice include:

  • Matching investments to your objectives and risk preferences
  • Tax effective investment planning
  • Managed funds, master funds and wrap accounts
  • Direct investments: cash, fixed interest, property and shares
  • Buying and selling of listed investments
Neilson & Co Investment Strategies and Advice Bundaberg

We have it all under control so that you can get on with your life. We’ll also set aside a few just in case strategies. As your financial adviser, we understand that you don’t need to know every complexity of high finance. We are, however, more than happy to provide ongoing education about markets, the economy and your investment strategy. Feel confident, know as much as you would like, and trust that the advice you are receiving is of the highest possible standard.

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