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Neilson & Co Wealth Management is an award winning financial services firm established in 2012.
We help people make smarter decisions about their money.

We think differently, we act differently and we believe in challenging the status quo for our clients! The way we challenge the status quo is helping our client grow their wealth by shifting their thinking and getting them out of their comfort zone to achieve their personal & lifestyle goals.

We just happen to be financial planners.

Ben Neilson

Ben Neilson


As a Founder and Director, Ben Neilson is responsible for Neilson & Co Wealth Management’s provision of quality Financial Advice. Ben is a specialist in the development of strategic solutions to improve financial outcomes for clients. He also has a keen interest in investment research with a particular focus on financial history and cycle analysis, the aim of which is to improve investment outcomes for Neilson & Co’s clients. He enjoys challenging the status quo.

Ben is a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner, holds a Masters of Financial Planning and a Masters of Business Administration. He is also currently completing a PhD through University of Southern Queensland.

Ben is a member of the AFA Association of Financial Advisers and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Throughout the duration of his Master’s Degree, Ben has challenged the current limiting, misunderstood and delayed notions of concepts used to accept appropriate recommendations of financial advice. By flipping the exercise and asking what’s needed and wanted from the consumers’ point of view he’s been able to outline and create pioneering strategies utilising emerging technology to facilitate current market shortfalls. These viewpoints are now being presented to those of his peers and are rapidly being adopted in other businesses and industries too.

Why we are different

Discussion of the impact of mental awareness and professional exposure during a Masterclass Session

Episode 1 features Aaron Williams the founder of Mindstar. Mindstar was developed with a mission to crush the stigma associated with seeking support and encourages people to improve and maintain their wellbeing, inside and outside of the workplace.  We were also lucky enough to have Ben Neilson from Neilson & Co Wealth join us to share his experiences on the topic.

Each Masterclass features guest speakers who are experts in their field. Each episode will also incorporate an Adviser from the Infocus network to provide real life examples of their experiences.

Authored responses and opinion pieces to FAQ’s through Adviser Ratings Australia

Ben Neilson regularly contributes in relation to questions asked by the general public in order to, not only prepare them, but also to further investigate why certain opinions and actions are being considered. This provides additional guidance allowing the consumer to be better informed, prepared and positioned. It also steers them in the direction of who to seek and what to ask, this increases the benefit of the advice process which in turn accounts for a higher level of understanding, trust and outcomes.

Strong Advocate for Mens Mental Health and Awareness – Participant and Sponsor

Ben regularly attends, volunteers and speaks at various MATE Sessions around Australia. MATE (MATE stands for Mental-health Awareness Through Exercise) are short programmes  (about one hour) for men only (at present), designed to:

Challenge them physically through a high intensity interval training style exercise session. Nourish them through nutritious refreshments and, Educate them through guest speakers who are experts in the mental health, nutrition and fitness fields.

Pro Bono Community Involvement

Neilson & Co Wealth Management lead by example and actively give back to the community, here are some of our latest endeavour’s listed below.


Neilson & Co Wealth Management takes on Pro Bono Cancer Council cases assisting those throughout difficult times in their lives. Providing emotional and financial assistance to those who need it most.

Pro Bono Assistance for Drought effected Farmers

Neilson & Co Wealth Management offers professional services to those feeling the effects of drought in Rural areas.

Pay it Forward Initiatives

Neilson & Co Wealth Management has created and sponsored events to increase the general communities wellbeing.  “Mr Neilson said it wasn’t the best business decision but he wanted to initiate a flow-on effect of positivity. Sometimes I feel in our independence we forget that there are others around us who might be lacking in some way … and this is just an opportunity to stop and smell the roses,” Mr Neilson said.

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